COVID: Boxer Testa tests positive

Virus is strong but matches necessary, she tells ANSA

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - Irma Testa, the first Italian woman boxer to compete in the Olympics at the age of 18 in Rio, told ANSA Monday she had tested positive for COVID-19.
    "I've always respected the rules, and yet I've got it: I'm positive, this virus is insidious, no one is immune," she said.
    "Luckily I'm well, I've just lost my senses of smell and taste".
    Lightweight Testa, 22, from Torre Annunziata near Naples, said she was determined not to let the virus affect her preparation for the next Olympics after her debut four years ago.
    "You can't give up, and you have to keep on training, always respecting the rules.
    The restrictions are important to keep the virus at bay but we can't go on without preparation and matches".
    Italy's gyms have been closed, along with swimming pools, cinemas and theatres, amid a second COVID wave. (ANSA).


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