Whirlpool to cease production at Naples plant Oct 31

'Unacceptable decision' says Minister for South Provenzano

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 22 - Whirlpool said Thursday that it is ceasing production at its Naples plant as of October 31.
    The future of the Naples factory has long been a source of tension between the US-based home-appliance multinational and the Italian authorities, which say the closure breaches previous agreements and have been trying to convince the company to make a U-turn.
    Whirlpool says the Naples factory is economically unsustainable.
    Minister for the South Giuseppe Provenzano described Whirlpool's announcement as "extremely serious and unacceptable for the country.
    "A commitment was made to the country with the industrial plan which is not being respected," he added.
    Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris called on the government to "do everything to avert this disaster". (ANSA).


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