Coronavirus: ISS releases video for a safe summer

Public given prevention rules so we don't 'go back'

As well as the swimming outfit and flip-flops, this summer holidaymakers should also remember to pack their facemask and hand gel to avert the threat of the nation having to face a return of the COVID-19 epidemic in the autumn.
    That is the spirit of a video published today by the Higher Health Institute (ISS), which shows how even traditional summer activities can be carried out in safety.
    "Fully enjoy the summer without neglecting the rules so we don't go back," read an ISS statement.
    "This is the message that the Higher Health Institute (ISS) researchers are sending to citizens, especially young people, recalling in a video the essential precautions to combat the virus, which make it possible to have safe holidays without doing away with the conviviality of summer'.
    The video, which uses the hashtag #pernontornareindietro (#sowedon'tgoback), flicks between images of 'safe' holidays to messages about the key rules - social distancing, the use of mask, washing hands - while pointing out that , even if the virus is circulating much less, it is good to continue to be cautious.
    The message is conveyed by three young ISS researchers: Flavia Riccardo, an epidemiologist from the infective diseases department; Alberto Mateo Urdiales, a researcher from the same department; and Maria Luisa Scattoni, the director of the National Autism Observatory. (ANSA).


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