League member proposes 'women in windows to boost tourism'

Tuscan regional councillor suspended by party

(ANSA) - Florence, September 20 - Tuscany regional councilor Roberto Salvini was suspended by the Euroskeptic, anti-immigration League party on Friday after sparking a controversy by proposing putting "women in windows to help tourism".
    Salvini's proposal was made while speaking about prostitution during a meeting of the regional commission for economic development.
    It was reported by Democratic Party (PD) regional councilor Monia Monni, who attended the meeting.
    Monni published on Facebook a video with Salvini's statements, saying that she was disgusted by the proposal.
    The League party said Salvini was expressing a "personal" opinion that is "outside our line".
    The party's commissioner in the region, Daniele Belotti, said in a statement that Salvini would be suspended from the party.


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