Govt's new COVID measures insufficient - Ricciardi

Virus is spreading in uncontrolled way in some areas - expert

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - Walter Ricciardi , a top physician and advisor to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, said Monday that the latest measures the government has approved to combat the spread of COVID-19 do not go far enough.
    "The measures contained in the latest premier's department decree are a step forward but they are not sufficient to address the current circulation of the virus," Ricciardi told La7 television.
    "The measures taken should be proportionate to the circulation of the virus and, at the moment, the virus is spreading in an uncontrolled way in some parts of our country".
    Another expert, Silvio Garattini, the president of Milan's Istituto Mario Negri, echoed those sentiments.
    "(The measures) do not attain the right level because the number of contagions and deaths keeps increasing," Garattini told ANSA.
    "Young people are not doing what is necessary to protect themselves and there is an excessive overlap between central government, the regions and the town councils.
    "It seems to me that the perception of the problem is not right.
    There are people who say relax and those who say be careful.
    "The truth is that it is necessary to be careful and take all the necessary measures of prudence". (ANSA).


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