Pope tells faithful to respect COVID-prevention rules

Francis apologises for not greeting people up close

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 14 - Pope Francis told the faithful to respect the authorities' COVID-19 prevention rules at the end of his weekly general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday.
    "I'd like to do what I usually do - get down and come close to you to greet you," Francis said.
    "But with the new rules, it's better to keep a distance, including with sick people. I greet you from the heart from here.
    "You are respecting the distance and being prudent, as one should.
    "But when I come down everyone gathers around.
    "The problem is that there's a risk of contagion "So everyone wear the mask, keep your distance and we can continue with the audiences.
    "I'm sorry if I greet you today from far away but I think that if all good citizens respect the rules of the authorities, it will help to end this pandemic". (ANSA).


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