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FTSE Italia All-Share Index-1.09%-
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FTSE Italia STAR Index-0.94%-
FTSE MIB Index-1.08%-


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Dollaro USA1.1447-
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Dollaro australiano1.5803+
Dollaro canadese1.433+
Dollaro di Hong Kong8.9119-


Mary and Joseph experienced exile too says Francis

Fathers, mothers of migrant families are heroes says pope

The fathers and mothers of migrant and refugees families are heroes, Pope Francis said Thursday in an interview with Vatican media.

Francis blesses renovated shop owned by old friends

Pope pays surprise visit to Rome record store

Pope Francis paid a surprise visit to a Rome record store on Tuesday evening to bless the shop after a renovation, the Vatican press office told ANSA on Wednesday.

Francis reiterates call for whole world to be vaccinated

Pope blasts political indecisiveness over COVID-19

Pope Francis on Monday reiterated his call for COVID-19 vaccines to be available to the whole world and blasted political indecisiveness with regards to the fight against the coronavirus.

Institutions must simplify procedures says Francis at audience

Pope Francis calls for simplification of adoption rules

Pope Francis on Wednesday called for the simplification of adoption rules. Speaking at his weekly general audience in the Vatican, Francis said "we must not be afraid of choosing the path of adoption, to take on the risk of welcome.

Thank God for medical progress says Francis

Give vaccines to poor countries says Pope

Pope Francis on Tuesday called on rich nations to give COVID vaccines to poor ones in a message for the 30th World Day of the Sick next month. "In poor countries medical treatment is a luxury many people cannot afford," said the pope.

Francis launches accusation at weekly general audience

Migrants victims of violence by powerful says pope

Migrants are victims of violence by the powerful, Pope Francis said at his weekly general audience on Wednesday.

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