26 arrests, 50 mn assets seized in Camorra bust

Jailed clan chief conveyed orders to gangsters via girlfriend

(ANSA) - NAPLES, APR 19 - Italian police on Monday arrested 26 people and seized over 50 million euros in assets in a cross-Italy operation against the Naples-based Camorra mafia.
    The arrests were made in the provinces of Naples, Salerno, Imperia, Cosenza, Ancona and Reggio Emilia.
    The op targeted two separate Camorra groups, police said.
    One was the Fabbrocino clan, historically present at Poggiomarino, and the other was another big mafia group led by Rosario Giuliano.
    The latter is in jail but still led his gang via his girlfriend Teresa Caputo, police said.
    She got instructions from Giuliano, nicknamed "o' minorenne" (The Kid), during jail visits, and conveyed them to the gang members, police said.
    Investigations have shed light, police said, on a series of extortions and intimidations, using firearms, and also drug trafficking, with much of the drugs being supplied by the Calabria-based 'Ndrangheta mafia which controls the European cocaine trade.
    Drugs were transported from 'Ndrangheta suppliers in coffee vans and trucks, police said.
    Searches turned up some 62 explosive devices at Poggiomarino, police said.
    They said bombs were used in Camorra extortion activities.


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