Afghanistan: Road map for Italy troop pullout - Di Maio

'Our contribution has been decisive' says FM

(ANSA) - ROME, APR 15 - A road map will be drafted for the withdrawal of Italian troops from Afghanistan along with those of its NATO partners starting in May and ending in September, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Facebook Thursday.
    "After 20 years, NATO has decided to leave Afghanistan," he wrote.
    "The ministries of foreign affairs, of defence and the Chiefs of Staff, meeting at the premier's office, will therefore draft a road map that will permit the withdrawal of the Italian troops, to which I renew the most heartily felt recognition for the support furnished in all these years to the Afghan people.
    "A support founded on the respect for rights, above all of minors and Afghan women.
    "Our contribution to the Afghan people has been decisive in these years", said the foreign minister.
    Di Maio said the "Italian way to reconstruction has been opened".
    The foreign minister earlier described the pullout after 20 years as an "epochal decision". (ANSA).


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