Latest news Czech Republic - Nuova Europa

    • 12:31
    • 06 May

    EU sources, Russia dossier at the EU summit leaders in Porto

    'Too many events, can't wait for the month-end summit.'
    • 16:18
    • 04 May

    European TV Union, pressure on public media

    President Delphine Ernotte sounded alarm bells
    • 12:43
    • 28 Apr

    Russia expels EU diplomats over 'solidarity' with Czechs

    They must leave the country within seven days
    • 13:35
    • 22 Apr

    NATO in solidarity with the Czech Republic

    Over destabilising actions of Russia in the region
    • 11:09
    • 14 Apr

    Covid: Europe, highest number of deaths in Poland last week

    Czechia, Hungary with most deaths in comparison with population
    • 16:06
    • 12 Apr

    Czech pro-European foreign minister sacked

    Petricek criticised Russian participation in construction of NPP