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The Ministry of Justice makes public the evidence supporting of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s case against Anatolie and Gabriel Stati

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The Ministry of Justice has launched a new website to spotlight evidence gathered by the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the fraud committed by Anatolie and Gabriel Stati:

The purpose of the website is to present the facts of the ongoing and complex legal case and provide easy access to the corresponding evidence. This public repository will increase transparency around the case and dispel the disinformation and lies perpetrated by these individuals against the Republic of Kazakhstan and its people.

The evidence - in the form of court rulings, expert opinions, and other publicly available documents - confirms that the Statis have been engaged in a complex and multi-faceted fraud since at least 2006.

The website explains how Anatolie and Gabriel Stati defrauded international investors of their money, falsified financial statements, fraudulently obtained audit opinions and pursued an international arbitration against the Republic of Kazakhstan to recoup from the State the monies the Statis had stolen themselves.

The details of the fraud are exposed in a timeline of events and corroborated by the evidence gathered and presented by the Ministry of Justice.

The background to the fraud, legal case history timeline, documentary evidence against the Statis can be accessed on the website address which is updated regularly.

Ms. Meruert Bokanova
Press Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan
+7 (7172) 74-06-01


COMUNICATO STAMPA - Responsabilità editoriale di Business Wire

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