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MIRIS: Green Growth in the Midst of a Pandemic

Chinese and Norwegian cooperation ensures sustainable infection control equipment for Europe

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In March 2020, also Norway ran out of infection control equipment. In this critical phase, MIRIS, a top tier technology green real estate company, initiated a collaboration with China Development Integration Limited (CDIL), a major EPC integration corporation in the Silk Road initiative.

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From left to right: Henrik Berg Klemmetsen, Magdalena Urbanik, Danny Wong, Andy Lai , Davis Chiu Xinwen Chang and Jan Gunnar Mathisen. Frame: Edmund Amir. (Photo: Business Wire)

From left to right: Henrik Berg Klemmetsen, Magdalena Urbanik, Danny Wong, Andy Lai , Davis Chiu Xinwen Chang and Jan Gunnar Mathisen. Frame: Edmund Amir. (Photo: Business Wire)

The two companies have a relationship with regards to building a large-scale smart city in Europe, and MIRIS realized the possibility of a cooperation with CDIL and its resources to ensure supply of high quality infection control equipment.

Together they fulfilled significant contracts regarding infection control equipment for several countries, including Norway.

In a market described as the "Wild West", this collaboration tells a different story. They controlled the entire value chain, and ensured deliveries without problems. Even a pandemic can create trust and cooperation that triggers new growth and development.

First of all, CDIL and MIRIS will further develop the infection control equipment collaboration under the ”Protect” brand – with the slogan; “Safe to buy – Safe to use”.

Secondly, they will ensure 12 months of high-volume deliveries of necessary equipment at high quality and competitive prices to Northern Europe.

Thirdly, they will ensure that as many people as possible have access to infection control equipment, and will distribute 10 million infection control masks free of charge to voluntary organizations. Many of these have been hit hard by the pandemic, and will be able to resell the masks to earn income in a demanding time, or distribute them free of charge to people for whom infection control equipment becomes too expensive.

Last but not the least, the companies will join forces to look at the possibilities of developing disposable infection control equipment that is degradable, so as to reduce the environmental impact.

The long-term goal of the two companies’ collaboration goes beyond infection control equipment: Sustainable healthy cities.

Building for a Sustainable Future

To create or reinvent a green city, the first step is to define the energy demand of this city. Energy saving and building optimization, can reduce the demand dramatically. The city will be digitized, and over 95 percent of the energy from the data centers will be reused as heat. With modern solar cell technology and energy saving, the city will become energy-positive: It will produce more energy than it consumes.

The necessary technology already exists. But it needs people who are able to put it together at competitive prices, and who have enough capital and ability to implement it. “CDIL and MIRIS are leading the way at a turning point. This cooperation mutually beneficial for both parties is the best way to solve the challenges of the future. MIRIS has the technology ready, and projects testing is underway,” says Mr. Lai, Chairman of CDIL.

CDIL will contribute capital, market access and other EPC resources to create green growth along the entire new Silk Road. A collaboration of two companies each with their respective distinctive resources will create huge gains for the community, and hopefully the whole world.

Jan Gunnar Mathisen, CEO, founder and majority owner of MIRIS, emphasizes the opportunities created for green finance.

“This signals the change of direction that is now underway. If in the future all countries stress green investments, everything will change”, says Mathisen.

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